Sunday, May 25, 2008

Making Meetings POP!

Recently, I've been using this acronym for what I believe is are critical components for making meetings work especially in the prep phase. I call it the POP method and it stands for Purpose (why we're here), Outcomes (what we're here to achieve) and Process (how we're going to achieve the outcomes and, ultimately, the purpose for the meeting). Though it's simple in form I've been amazed how many people have left my training workshops saying the 'POP' methodology will be huge for helping to make their meetings more effective.

I always used to just focus on 'purpose' and 'process' however when I added 'outcomes' I noticed how easier it was to help my clients define the the meeting purpose. As well, knowing the outcomes helps to consolidate the goals for the meeting therefore making my process steps easier to ascertain. I like 'outcomes' better than 'objectives' as outcomes can be framed as if the resulting learning already happened. Compared to objectives, outcomes seem to be more tangible and less 'future state'.

I was wondering if any facilitators that read this blog see the POP method as critical to their meeting prep? To what extent to you focus on 'outcomes' as compared to 'meeting objectives'? When you scope with the client does knowing the outcomes make your process development easier?

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Unknown said...

I took one of your POP courses a few years ago and have used it ever since, and introduced the concept to many others -- it's a great idea!